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The Tompkins Family – September 16, 2020

Alex Chow is kind, knowledgeable, professional and shows great compassion for his clients. He was hired to sell our mother’s home for her. It was a very difficult family decision and the realtor’s personality was going to play a critical part in her outcome. He was so patient, and really listened to all of her concerns. He handled it with such empathy. He was more knowledgeable about the mobile home than the other realtors we had interviewed. In fact Alex’s knowledge surpassed all our expectations. He sold our mothers home within 24 hours of listing it and sold it for the price she wanted. Alex kept all of his commitments and communicated with all family members as thing progressed. Alex always took our calls day or night, and even weekends. If you want to sell your mobile home and want a smooth transaction then call Alex Chow, he will not disappoint!

Jason D. – August 12, 2020

We bought our new home from Alex Chow. We highly recommend using Alliance. Alex Chow was very knowledgeable and responsive to all our needs.

John V. – August 6, 2020

Brian Shaw’s professionalism as a realtor is beyond my expectations. He always takes his time to answer all my questions, and he would make sure I understand everything. His cordial friendliness and fiduciary helpfulness to his customers is outstanding.

I would not hesitate to recommend my family and friends to do business with him.
Thanks again, Brian, and I am looking forward to doing business with you again.

Barb C. – July 25, 2020

Well if you thought you couldn’t sell a house during a pandemic, think again!!

Beginning in March 2020 I didn’t want anyone coming in my home because I was fearful of getting sick. After a couple of months I told Rita it was OK to put the home on the MLS! The first family that contacted her, toured and bought my home!!!
My home was linked with my daughter new home purchase in this same community and buyers were agreeable to close when the new home closed!

Rita knows her stuff, she has 40 yrs experience!!! If anyone is looking to buy or sell I would personally recommend her!!!!

Jennifer T. – June 26, 2020

Lan Nguyen is AMAZING! My BF and I were looking to move from our 1 bedroom to a 2-3 bedroom and in the process of looking at rentals, we saw how expensive it would be to get a bigger place. This got us talking about buying a home, but it all seemed pretty hopeless when we saw what we could purchase in our budget.

My friend lives in a manufactured home (MH) that Lan helped her purchase years ago, so my friend recommended that we talk to Lan. This is the best decision we could have made.

We saw a few MHs with Lan and she really got to understand us and our future goals. Lan was always punctual, had great communication and the most important trait – honest. I never felt that she was trying to sell me anything and she asked a lot of questions to figure out what my BF and I were looking for in a home.

This is how honest she was. On the 3rd or 4th house we saw, we liked it enough to put an offer down. She honestly told us that we shouldn’t because she thought the listing price was too high, but that she would put in the offer if that was what we really wanted. That really cemented that she wasn’t pushing sales to get a commission, but that she wanted us to be happy.

She took it one step further and kept an eye on open lots of MHs being built. She took us to a MH that was literally 2 halves of the house (not put together yet) and not on the market. We could see what the kitchen and bathrooms would look like and it was in a location/park we loved. We put down a deposit that same day and 2 months later, we were moved into our new home. Even better, we had a say in some of the house furnishings like outdoor staircase and flooring color. We LOVE our home! It’s spacious, bright and no regrets from us!

The 5 Stars is for Lan. The paperwork gathering and loan process does suck, but Lan and Laura made it as bearable as they could.

Gilbert C. – June 6, 2020

We bought our home last August (2019) from Marc Blumthal at Alliance. We were in a bind because our rent was going up $400 from the previous year and decided to try and put our money towards something instead of giving it to the leasing Co. We met Marc in May when we were looking at options. We went to several places just to get a feel for what was going on and what the process was, everyone we met was helpful and nice. Marc was our last stop in the evening real close to closing time. He was very patient and helpful and even stayed late for all the questions and scenarios my crazy brain came up with. I don’t like change and for some reason I felt like Marc was the guy. We fell in love with the house we bought on site. Marc made the process as easy and straight forward as could be. He made sure we knew what was to come and even made a few extra trips after hours to show us the property again and again!. We still are good friends till this day and grab lunch when we can. And he still checks in to make sure we are happy with our decision and his service. Glad to have met him and will recommend him to anyone seeking information or to purchase a home. I have waited for this long to post this because I have been burned in the past with warranty issues and wanted to post an honest review. A pure stand up guy and not to shabby of a real estate guy either!!! Thanks Marc!!!

Thanh T. – March 8, 2020

We were very happy that we got to work out our home upgrade with Alex Ho, one of the agents at Alliance Homes. Before the upgrade, we had a very old home and it was desperate for upgrades and renovations. However, after talking with Alex, it was clear from the beginning that upgrading the home was the best solution. Additionally, we realized early on that working with Alex was the right choice for assisting us with the upgrade.

What was great through the whole upgrade process was that Alex presented all of the different ways the new home could be customized. He meticulously walked us through every customizable solution for the home and gave us time and suggestions for what will work. For that reason, we were able to pick out exactly how we would want the new upgraded home to be.

On top of that, every time we had a question or any uncertainty, Alex responded promptly and responsively so that we know we are making the right decision. There wasn’t a question that he didn’t know about and he was eager to help us as much as he could.

Once the home was completed, we had a walk-through conducted by Alex and someone from the warranty team. Having something like that was very comforting and it made us feel that Alliance and Alex didn’t just want us to buy a home, but that they wanted us to feel like the right choice was done. Furthermore, it demonstrated that, once the sale is done, the warranty team is there if there are any issues.

All in all, it was a process that took about 4 months, but by working with Alex, we felt that the time was much quicker and painless. Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Alex and Alliance Homes for anyone looking to upgrade their homes.

Jennifer D. – January 23, 2020

I am so very pleased to say that I closed on my first home this past week.  I can also say with 100% certainty that it would  not have happened without the attention and commitment from my realtor Alex Ho.  Alex was instrumental in getting this process completed.  He was informative and communicated with me at all twists and turns, and there were a few.

I cannot thank Alex and Alliance homes enough for the work they have done. I would recommend Alex to anyone considering buying a home. You will not be disappointed.

Miss M. – January 20, 2020

We have been working with Candy Bruno now for about 2.5 months and she has been nothing short of amazing! She has really been there for my family and I every step of the way and then some. She helped us find our dream home and we couldn’t be happier with all of help, guidance,  and recommendations she has given us. We would refer any of our friends and  family to her.